Maggie Gierke

Maggie Gierke is a 2nd generation Arizona Native.  She is married to Chuck, Mom to 3, Gramamama to 6, and wing tucker to many. Maggie went back to college at the age of 50 to get her degree.  She works full time in the financial industry, teaches OneStroke painting part time and paints OneStroke the other part time. 

Maggie has always been interested in fine arts, especially music, but has tried to expand her talents to sewing, cross stitch, and tole painting.  She gives credit for her love of crafts to her Mom, who she claims was the craft queen of the Valley of the Sun.

Her sister-in-law, Eileen Rasmussen, introduced her to the OneStroke painting method and Maggie fell in love with it; she was absolutely awe struck with the simplicity of the method and what could be accomplished in just a short time.

Maggie and Eileen decided to pursue OneStroke painting.  Linda Petrarca, Arizona's first OneStroke Certified Instructor, was offering classes and they signed up. Linda did a wonderful job of teaching us, Maggie says, she helped us strengthen our painting skills and abilities. Maggie, along with Eileen, attended the OneStroke Certified Instructor training in January 2001. On March 1, 2001, Maggie, as well as Eileen, received their wonderful "puffy package"s which named them as OneStroke Certified Instructors. Now, Maggie says, her world took on new horizons.

Maggie has a wonderful sense of humor, likes romantic moments, and strives to enjoy her family and friends. She collects Betty Boop stuff and coffee cups from wherever she travels. Her main goal in life is to enjoy the wonderful memories and memories to be made with her family and life while expanding her knowledge and abilities to the fullest.  She believes that faith, hard work, and keeping a sense of humor will prevail and lead to success. Something that fascinates Maggie now is the history and culture of the diverse world that we live in, ironic though, as she didn't like history as a kid.

Maggie can be reached by E-mail for One Stroke painting information.  Visit Maggie at her web site.

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