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It has been many years since Bruce and Linda Petrarca, the founders of OneStroke.Net, introduced me to the wonders of OneStroke painting along with the operation of this web site.

Hi!  My name is Eileen Rasmussen, One  Stroke Certified Instructor, and with my husband, we will be conducting the business of this OneStroke.Net web site; accepting and mailing orders for OneStroke products, moderating the OneStroke YahooGroup, providing tips, teaching classes, doing craft fairs, and of course, doing OneStroke painting. We are committed to bringing our customers the greatest satisfaction possible in  their pursuit of the OneStroke painting experience.

Linda Petrarca,  Arizona's first OSCI, was teaching the OneStroke painting method and I became a student of hers in November 1999 and progressed to the level of pursuing One Stroke Instructor Certification.  I attended the Phoenix January 2001 One Stroke Certified Instructor class taught by Donna Dewberry and received my Puffy Package on March 1, 2001 proclaiming me a new One Stroke Certified Instructor.  After all this excitment, Linda approached me to ask if I wanted to take over  the OneStroke.Net web site to continue introducing folks to OneStroke painting and its products. Linda explained that she wanted to pursue her Paint Your Wagon endeavor and paint her beautiful artwork on the wagons and walls of her clients.

In March 2002, my husband and I attended OneStroke Continuing Education in Atlanta presented by Donna and Marc Dewberry.  This is one of many endeavors in our pursuit of making OneStroke.Net a better place to visit.

So stay tuned and come back often to visit OneStroke.Net and see the changes that will be happening.

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