ONE Stroke Painting Gift Ideas

This Gift Ideas page is a new concept for us here at OneStroke.Net.

This page will change from time to time as new Gift Ideas are added.

This page was added to assist visitors in locating a One Stroke Painting Gift for themselves, a family member, or a friend. 

It's a shortcut through our OneStroke.Net web site.  You can visit here first and still get to every other page within our web site.

This page will contain shortcuts to our OneStroke.Net painting kits, OneStroke videos, OneStroke books, OneStroke Reuseable Teaching Guides, and OneStroke brush sets.

Happy exploring!

OneStroke.Net painting kits


OneStroke.Net's Basic Beginner Kit.
A $24.25 value.
Click image on left to see complete Beginner Kit detail.

Be sure and see our Enhanced Beginner Kit for $31.
   If a picture is worth a thousand words, then seeing the
   OneStroke painting method demonstrated on video tape
   has to be worth a million words.




OneStroke.Net's Master Kit.
A $67.00 value.
Click image on left to see complete Master Kit detail.

Be sure and see our Enhanced Master Kit for $72 and our Custom Enhanced Master Kit for $82.


Your own Custom Kit


Your Own Custom Kit can be built to contain what you want.  Select at least one OneStroke book, two regular Reuseable Teaching Guides, four bottles of FolkArt paint, two Brush packs or the 1059 - 10 Brush Value Pack.
And a 10% discount.






OneStroke Videos


FolkArt OneStroke Brush Stroke BASICS
Donna Dewberry teaches the basic strokes, petal strokes, and leaf strokes which are valuable for learning the ONE Stroke Painting technique properly.  This 30 minute video serves as the basis for all ONE Stroke Painting and includes leaf strokework, floral strokework, color blending, and creating and combining strokes.



FolkArt OneStroke Donna Dewberry Teaches
Donna Dewberry teaches more of the wonders of ONE Stroke painting. The Cabbage Rose taught in this 30 minute video is a great place to expand what you learned with the 1182 ONE Stroke Basic Strokes Video and you see how to create a decorated clay pot.



FolkArtONEStrokeGarden Bouquets
Donna Dewberry's magic continues in this 60 minute video in which she teaches 3 garden painting projects: a birdhouse, a wood tray, and a canvas painting. Includes florals, garden critters, and more for outdoor decoration.



FolkArt ONE Stroke Walls & Furniture
Learn how to paint Walls & Furniture with Donna Dewberry at the brush. This 60 minute video features projects for home decorating and accessories.






OneStroke Books


Donna's Favorites - Revised - One Stroke Book



Basic Strokes Workbook - Revised - One Stroke Book



Landscapes - One Stroke Book



Donna Dewberry's Complete Book of
One-Stroke Painting
124 pages






OneStroke Reuseable Teaching Guides


Cabbage Rose - RTG



Gated Garden - RTG



Tea Rose - RTG






OneStroke Brushes


10 Brush Value Pack - ONE Stroke brushes
#2, #6, #8, #10, #12, & 3/4" Flat brushes, Regular & Small Scruffy brushes, and #1 & #2 Script Liner brushes



Wall Applicator Set - All of the applicators for walls: Brushes: #1184, #1189, #1190; Sponges #1195; Roller #34006 -  A $42.50 value.



Plaid Brush Basin - Color may vary.






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