Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions!

Q:I searched on something like "Donna Dewberry" or "ONE Stroke Painting" and I got this site. Where is Donna Dewberry and why did I get you?

A:Search engines are a little like a slot machine it seems as if what comes up is by chance. Actually it is a combination of the words you searched on and how an individual web site is designed and which search engine you used which will decide what you get! You are absolutely correct, this isn't Donna's site, but ours. This site has been developed completely with Donna's knowledge and permission. All logos and other graphics used here which are Donna's property are used with her approval.  Donna's web site is and you may click on this link to go there.

Q: I'm confused about ordering and paying. How do I send you my credit card information securely?

A:To keep costs down, we don't maintain a secure server, but we are very easy to do business with. Check out how to order from us: CLICK HERE!

Q:How do I become a certified instructor?

A:Only instructors certified by Donna may use the term OSCI (ONE Stroke Certified Instructor) after their name.  Donna conducts certification clinics in various locations around the world. Click Donna's link above to find out when and where these clinics are. We recommend that you take some instruction from an OSCI near you before you attend a certification clinic - there is a lot of work to do in a very short time and the more you know going in, the more successful your experience will be!

Q: How do I find an OSCI near me?

A:Donna maintains a list of OSCIs, separated by locale, on her web site. Just click on the link above to go to her website.  If you live in Arizona, we have listed a few of the Phoenix area OSCIs.  CLICK HERE to visit with them.

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