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   (attached to a second order)

I totally enjoyed doing business with Eileen.  It is obvious that customer service is of utmost importance at OneStroke.Net. I appreciate the extensive inventory, the prompt service, the courteous manner in which business is handled, the thoroughness, and mostly the thoughtfulness and concern shown by Eileen for our personal welfare during the tornado that so devastated parts of Florida.

You're a sweetheart Eileen.  Thank you.

C.G.,  Florida


Hi Eileen,

I just received my order yesterday and wanted to thank you for the prompt shipment and the careful packaging. The books arrived in perfect condition and I'm thrilled. I had originally done a web search on the Garden of Fabric Painting and found your site through I hadn't been able to find the book anywhere.

I'm just new to OneStroke painting and can't seem to get enough.

Thanks again!

V.Z., Pennsylvania

Eileens adds, "two days from Arizona".


   I received the book today.  Thanks for the quick shipment!

   Have a great day!

D.S., Ohio

             our reply:

   Wow!  Two days delivery over a weekend.

   KUDOS to the United States Post Office for being able to get a package across the
   country in 2 days over a weekend.

Eileen, OSCI - AZ


   I received my package Saturday. What fast service.

   Thank you.



   Thank you so much!! *jumping with excitement*  You have started my day out great.  I
   belong to a few onestroke mail groups through yahoo.  I will be sure to pass on my great
   experience with your business.  Right now many are complaining on how long it is taking
   for orders to be received from ___. I guess they are getting overwhelmed with orders and
   not able to keep up.  With any luck, some of them will check out your site. :) Thanks
   again and I will be sure to contact you when I receive it.

B.C.,  Canada

   Just to let you know that I got mail today! woohoo!  I'm so excited. Thank you so much
   for great service!  I will surely recommend your sight to anyone! Came just in time too as I
   have a painting class tomorrow learning the Kitten, Raccoon, bear and a rabbit!!

Thanks again
B.C., Canada

         our reply:

   Wow, that has got to be a record, two days for International Delivery via Global Priority

   KUDOS to the United States Post Office for being able to get a package up to Canada in
   2 days and also to the Canadian Post Office for delivering it equally as fast as we sent it.

Eileen, OSCI - AZ


   Thanks very much. :) I'll let you know when my goodies arrive.

   I can think of no improvements.  You have given me fast, friendly, accommodating
   service.  I couldn't ask for better. :)

J. J.,


   My goodies have arrived! Thanks for the great service.  I can't wait to get started.  :)

J. J.,


   It's Monday and I just received my books (ordered them last Wednesday). Thanks,
   that was fast.  I had my doubts it would get here so fast since I had to go to another site
   to arrange payment, but I am pleasantly surprised.

T.C.,North Carolina


   How could anyone not enjoy receiving your e-mail for the friendly words they contain.
   In fact, I have been anxiously awaiting news of the mailing of my order.  I am looking
   forward to learning this great art. I will certainly acknowledge receipt of my Master Kit.
   I thank you for your kindness and hope to have the pleasure of meeting you both.

A.P. , New York


           (from a repeat customer)

   As always, I thank you for your prompt assistance and service.  It seems to be a
   hallmark of www.OneStroke.Net!

K.D., Massachusetts


   I just received my Order today and am very pleased.  I want to thank you for such
   friendly emails, fast service, and great products. I can't wait to get started, it seems so
   easy and with practice I will get it down. It's nice to know that you are there to help
   me and most of all, I can place another order with the newest items. The website is
   beautiful and easy to order from, with lots of information.

   Thanks again

D.L., Florida


   Thanks so much for not only the order change, but the advice as well.  I will try it.
   You have gone above and beyond for me, and I am very grateful.

C.M.,  Canada


   I've ordered books and RTGs from and I've been completely
   thrilled with the service!



   Thank you for your help and I appreicate the suggestion of what paint to use on the
   stencils.  I will practice first, I want to do my best on my twins rooms.  I am sure I will
   visit your site again and again.

S. C., Texas


   Thanks for sending the brushes so promptly.

J. S.,  Tennessee


   Pleasure doing business with you.  Look forward to future purchases.

an OSCI, Massachusetts


   Thanks!  Great service-- again!

a Software Developer,  Massachusetts


  Thanks a lot for your help. I run a small business of my own and appreciate your

   Thanks again!

An Internet Customer


   I wanted to thank you for my order, it was very quick. Thanks for your help in ordering
   and I love everything I received.

   I love to paint, I paint for fun and myself and the ONE Stroke method is so easy to use
   and beautiful.

   Thank you again.

C. W., Columbus,Ohio

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